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Just a few friendly reminders from our Compliance Q&A today..

Good Morning KW Premier,

Just a few friendly reminders from our Compliance Q&A today...

1. The Authorization to Exclude must be signed by the Team Leader and emailed to HAR within 3 days.

2. Per HAR, if you put a sign in the yard of a listing in Coming Soon status, it is recommended that you have a Coming Soon Rider. Don't chance it, just do it.

3. Our Broker requires that all files be submitted within 5 days of either signing a listing agrreement or executing a contract/lease. EVEN if it terminates, we MUST have the file.

4. The RSC is no longer a required form. Use only if one of the realtors is being paid by the Home Warranty Company.

5. No option money paid within 3 days? NO OPTION PERIOD. This will change if the new contract forms are adopted in November, but is Absolute Truth at the moment.

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