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Command Basics!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Command is our “from contact to close and beyond” system.

All document storage takes place within the system.

Documents can be signed through DotLoop, Docusign, Zipforms, or any other esignature program and then be loaded into the Command system.

How do I get to Command?

Go to

Create a Contact

To create a contact, click on the people symbol on the left toolbar.

A list of your contacts will appear. In the upper right corner, click on Add Contact.

Fill in the blanks. Click on Add More Information if you have it and then Create to save the contact.

Create an Opportunity

You can create an opportunity from the dashboard by scrolling down to the clasped hands on the left toolbar or you can click on the contact, opportunities on the right side of the page, then the create opportunity button.

Fill in the blanks then click create opportunity.

View Opportunities

To view all opportunities, click on the clasped hands on the left toolbar.

You will then see all listings, buyers, and leases. Scroll down and you can see your closings for the month and other useful charts.

Move opportunities through the stages

Click on the stage you which to view.

Once you click on the stage you wish to view, you will see all the opportunities in that stage.

You will be able to click and drag the opportunity to the next stage.

Example: There is one Active opportunity above. If we were to receive an offer on this listing and we successfully negotiated to an executed contract, we would click and drag the opportunity to the Under Contract stage.

How to add documents

From the dashboard above, we can click on Under Contract, then on the actual opportunity. You will see the details of the opportunity.

Click “Documents” and see the checklists for the documents needed.

Each document listed is a placeholder. You can add the document by clicking on Add a File.

Each placeholder describes the document, whether is it required, conditional, or optional. If it is conditional, it will explain under what conditions the document would be required. Once all of the signed and executed documents are added, click on Submit to MC.

What Happens When I Click “Submit to MC”

All documents submitted to the MC go to the Compliance Officer for review.

Compliance will either approve or reject the documents individually.

If a document is returned to you, there will be a “bubble” beside the document’s name. Hover over the “bubble” to see what is needed.

Once you make the correction or add the missing document, click Submit to MC again for Compliance to review.

When the file is changed to Approved, the MCA will upload your DA (Distribution Authorization). You can then send the DA to the title company so you will get paid at the closing table.

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